‘We Created It’: Ketanji Brown Jackson delivered the celebratory speech

WASHINGTON – The first black woman judge to be appointed to the Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown Jackson, celebrated at a ceremony at the White House on Friday that it was confirmed to be the honor of a lifetime, and she understands what it means to young people. Black women and girls followed his appointment process.

He told the crowd gathered in the southern meadow that it had taken his family a generation to endure the separation and bring a woman to the Supreme Court, but that it had taken the country too long.

“It took 232 years and 115 prior appointments for a black woman to be elected to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States,” she said. “But we did it. We did. We all did.”

Speaks a day later in the Senate Voted to confirm her, Judge Jackson said the idea of ​​being a role model for many was frightening to himself, but he was willing to work. He quoted from Maya Angelo’s Still I Rise to underline his point: “I now bring the gifts of my ancestors. I am the slave’s dream and hope.”

It caused people sitting in the south meadow, many of them black women, to get up from their seats and clap.

Judge Jackson’s confirmation was a moment of celebration for President Biden, who hailed it as a moment of “real change” in American history, and he and his supporters cheered the first black woman to be brought to court.

“It’s going to allow so much sunlight on so many young women, so many young black women, so many minorities,” he said. Biden said at the ceremony, where he was accompanied by Judge Jackson and the vice president. Kamala Harris – The first black woman to play her role. “It’s real.”

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In his remarks, Judge Jackson recalled significant meetings with 97 senators and thanked them for their role in the confirmation process, providing a beautiful coda for several hours of televised communication with senators who are sometimes hostile. Again, he promised judicial independence.

Judge Jackson noted that “the best part of the last decade was hearing thousands of cases and writing hundreds of comments, and in each case, I have done my best to stay in my path and reach its conclusion. It agrees with my understanding of the duty and law to rule freely without fear or favor.” .

Judge Jackson will not take the bench for several months; Judge Stephen G. Prairie, who will replace him in court, said he plans to retire this summer at the end of his current term.

White House officials said the family of three Republican senators, including Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Mitt Romney of Utah, the judge’s family, current and former Supreme Court justices, and three others who voted with Democrats on Thursday were invited to the ceremony. Confirm Judge Jackson, otherwise a small amount of bipartisanship will be lent to the bitterly polarized process.

Republican senators were not present at Friday’s event, but Mr. Jackson was voted in for confirmation. Biden praised each of them.

A Positive corona virus cases Legislators and executives have slashed prospective guest lists this week. In recent days, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Mr. Ms Collins said Thursday that she had tested positive, as did many Democrats close to Biden. A White House official said Friday morning that the president had received a negative test.

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters this week that Mr. Biden’s experience has given him a “historically exceptional preparation” for a successful recruitment process.

Judge Jackson endured “verbal abuse” and “disgusting” personal attacks, but remained silent for more than 20 hours. Biden said Friday. Question in confirmation inquiries It sometimes became abrasive.

At the White House on Thursday, Mr. Biden and Judge Jackson Saw the Senate vote of confidence together From the Roosevelt Room. Shared by the White House Video from the president’s Instagram account Both are Mrs. The moment I saw Harris announcing 47 to 53 votes in favor of the judge’s confirmation.

“All right!” Mr. Biden yelled, pumping his fist, and wrapped his other arm around Judge Jackson as he clasped his hands and smiled. “All right.”

Then President Took a selfie With the judge in front of the television screen showing the final vote count.

Judge Jackson was born in Washington, DC, and raised in Miami. He graduated from Harvard College Harvard Law SchoolAlma Matter of Justice Fryer also served as secretary for him during the 1999-2000 Supreme Court period.

During her confirmation Does not change the ideological balance of the court – Conservatives appointed by Republicans retain their 6-to-3 majority – This is another first victory: all three judges appointed by Democratic presidents will be women.

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