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The economic stench has tightened around Roman Abramovich, whose assets were targeted by British authorities a month ago as part of Western sanctions on Russian oligarchy following the invasion of Ukraine.

His boats Is being monitored And is in danger of being captured. One of his most valuable possessions has been ordered to sell to Chelsea Football Club. And Mr. Some investments in offshore hedge funds and private equity funds affiliated with Abramovich have been frozen.

Mr. In a recent operation against Abramovich’s vast wealth – valued at more than $ 10 billion – officials in the British Channel state of Channel Islands on Wednesday froze $ 7 billion worth of assets believed to belong to him.

The operation was carried out on Tuesday after law enforcement officials there After obtaining the court order, the warrant was issued On the island Mr. The site, which is believed to be linked to Abramovich’s business interests, is the largest on the English Channel.

Alec Le Sueur, an official with the Jersey Law Department, said officials could not comment further on the “direct investigation”. Mr. in London. Representatives for Abramovich did not respond to requests for comment.

Mr. Abramovich is one of Russia’s most recognized billionaires, thanks in part to the ownership of Chelsea, one of the world’s largest football clubs. He was ordered to sell the club in March after British authorities imposed sanctions on him. Mr. Abramovich is known in support of the Holocaust Museum and monument Yat Washem in Israel.

But, like the assets of many Russian oligarchs, his wealth is a complex mystery marked by shell companies and peaceful investments throughout the West.

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Mr. Some shell companies set up in the British Virgin Islands to invest Abramovich’s money in hedge funds, private equity firms and real estate Boats Shifted to Jersey in recent years.

Corporate registry documents in Jersey include two companies, Matterhorn Capital Ventures and Bradfield Overseas Holdings. Abramovich’s longtime business partner Eugene Dennbom is listed as a director. Mr. Denenbaum was born in Ukraine but worked as an accountant in Toronto for many years. Served as director Many Mr. To the companies of Abramovich.

In an email, Mr. Dennonbaum recently announced his resignation as director of Matterhorn and Bradfield. He added: The matter is with the lawyers. So I can’t comment.

Last week, officials in the British-held Cayman Islands in the Caribbean said financial service providers there had been shut down. $ 7.3 billion Sanctions were imposed on Russian-owned property.

Cayman officials have not disclosed who owns the property, but the islands have long been the focus of operations for US hedge funds and maritime funds managed by private equity firms. Mr. Abramovich is believed to have invested billions of dollars in hedge funds and real estate-based private companies in the United States, The New York Times Reported.

Concord Management, a small investment consulting firm based in Tarrytown, NY. Abramovich’s hedge played a key role in organizing finance and private equity investments. However, the company said it recommended funding but did not directly manage the money for customers. Concord has been investing in dozens of hedge funds and real estate-based private equity firms for the past two decades. It is believed that Abramovich helped organize the investment.

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However, the financial pressure on him did not come from the authorities in the United States. British officials said Mr. Despite the sanctions imposed on Abramovich, the United States did not do so because he acted as a mediator in the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. The activities of the Jersey and Cayman Islands – both British territories – reflect the significant role that such places play in managing the fortunes of oligarchy.

Mr. Matterhorn Capital has been around for almost two decades. Affiliated with Abramovich, it has a corporate structure that represents the daisy chain of shell companies that rich Russians used to hide their rights and complicate efforts by officials to locate their assets.

First annexed to the Cayman Islands in 1999, Matterhorn reunited with the British Virgin Islands in 2002. A year ago, the Matterhorn was relocated and incorporated into the jersey. Records there, Mr. With Tennemon, two executives from Zetra, a global corporate services company, are said to have served as directors of Matterhorn. Jedra’s spokesman, who is based in Jersey, declined to comment.

But the question of who will benefit from Matterhorn’s economic benefits remains elusive. Records reveal that one of Matterhorn’s shareholders is another jersey company, Keekrow Holdings. Other records show that one of Geekro’s major shareholders was Cyprus-based FinServices (Trustees) Limited.

In 2008, a British court Mr. Finservas. Combined with Abramovich. Attempting to sort everything out at the time, one judge wrote: “The network of companies with diverse personal and business interests appears to be largely PVI and Cyprus. In which Mr. Abramovich will be the final owner or appear. “

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