Suspects search for 2 killed in Pittsburgh Airbnb House party shooting

Two 17-year-olds were killed and at least eight others were injured in what became known as Sunday morning’s shooting in Pittsburgh, police said.

The shooting happened shortly after 12:30 a.m. during a party at a short-lived Airbnb rental property in the northern part of the city, the Pittsburgh Police Department said in a news release. Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert said several shooters were suspected because of the different shell envelopes found at the scene. NBC subsidiary WPXI reported.

The Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office has identified the teens as Jayton Brown and Matthew Steffi-Rose. Police said they died on admission to the hospital.

Eight people were killed and five others were injured in the incident, police said.

The party was attended by 200 people, many of whom were minors, police said. Shot Spotter, an automated detection system that alerts law enforcement to shootings, triggered an initial response from police.

“50 rounds were fired inside, causing some party members to jump out through the windows, causing injuries such as broken bones and fractures,” police said. “Several more shootings took place outside the home.”

When the officials came to the incident, the shooting noise was heard, and the police said that many young people were able to escape the place and escape through the vehicle. ”

Evidence is being processed in eight separate crime scenes, and detectives from the bureau’s main crime unit spoke with witnesses and reviewed video footage, police said.

Airbnb condemned the shooting in a statement on Sunday, offering the company condolences to the families of the victims. The short-term rental business has a strict ban on parties, and action is taken against the person who booked the space.

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“Guest booking is subject to a lifetime ban from Airbnb and we will consider all legal options to hold this person accountable,” the company said.

Airbnb said it was working with officials to “hope that the perpetrators of this bloodshed will be found soon.”

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