Scoggins: Paige returns “Buckets” – and he brings UConn home for the final four

Bridgeport, Conn. – She could not miss it. Almost like really.

Each time the ball swings, leaving her fingertips. One after the other. All clutch shots, all that is needed, will carry the weight of a stack program’s expectations.

It was a tough season physically and emotionally for the Pigeon Bookers. But the basketball wizard from Hopkins returned Monday night.

Bookers went into a phone booth and Baiz “Buckets” reappeared. His legend grew exponentially with a film exhibition that would be revisited over the years.

“I wanted to watch that game. Being in it is obviously crazy.”

Piege Bookers

In the 91-87 regional final thriller UConn surpassed the state of North Carolina with more clutch shots than can be remembered.

According to UConn senior guard Christine Williams, the decision was a decisive factor:

“I thought, we have page bookers, they don’t,” he said.

Sometimes, it’s that simple.

The win pushed UConn to 14th and fourth consecutive finals in Minneapolis this weekend. She put the entire UConn team on her back to make sure it happened.

Before acknowledging that “being at home is good too. I’m not going to lie,” Bookers underestimated the personal importance of playing on the biggest stage of his game in his hometown.

She turned down the offer, scoring 27 points in 10-for-15 shooting. She did not miss after half an hour until a jumper exited in the second OT.

When the result was finally safe and the Huskies were able to exhale, the Bueckers shouted and thrust his arms into the hand and the bottom of the court was avoided. She hugged the team players and danced, soaking in what was going to happen next.

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The knee surgeon assigned Bueckers to 19 games and rusted her when she returned. Coach Geno Ariamma tried to manage expectations, and after two months of sacking his star fell again, and no one is sure if he will be able to capture the form that made the newcomer his national player of the year.

Those Piege Bookers were on display again at the most important moment of their season.

“I did not expect this to come, she had such a moment,” Auriamma said. “Baiz is different. Created for these moments.”

To keep the final four streaks of the program alive, Bookers and his team had to work overtime. Teams traded big shot after big shot and no team wanted their season to end.

“This is also one of the best games I’ve been a part of since I was Yukon, regular season or post-season,” Ariamma said.

Bueckers added: “I wanted to watch that game. It was crazy to be in it.”

Every time the Huskies looked like they had stuff in their hands, there was an answer for Wolf.

NC State’s Jackia Brown-Turner pulled a rainbow three-pointer from a deep corner with one second left in extra time to tie the score at 77-77, forcing a second extra session. With 6 seconds left, it came after the Bookers made two free throws.

NC State, which has struggled to advance to the top four since 1998, will look back with regret at the end of the regulation.

With the score tied at 61-61, Yukon’s Olivia Nelson-Otoda missed two free throws with 28 seconds left.

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NC State wasted its ultimate right. Wolfback waited a long time to start his offense and the hand did not come close to crutchfield’s urgent three-pointer.

Bookers ignited in overtime sessions – that’s all.

“Once she’s made one, the rim is so big,” Williams stretched out both his hands and formed a large circle. “She’s going to make them constantly, so give her the ball.”

The team players gave her the ball and she made the delivery in the clutch. Very quiet, cool.

“I thought, we have page bookers, they don’t.”

Christine Williams

A fairy tale was never sent to bookers in high school. Epidemic canceled both the state championship game and the dream of putting on a celebratory bow in his illustrious product career.

Who knows, maybe she’ll get to the end of that fairy tale.

After the incident on Monday night, nothing seems possible.

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