Russia-Ukraine war: April 13, 2022

President Biden’s description of the alleged Russian atrocities in Ukraine as “genocide” did not reflect official US policy, executive officials said Wednesday, suggesting that the formal post would only follow a legal process.

Officials from the White House to the Foreign Ministry have said the president is expressing his personal views based on images and accounts from Ukraine.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Wednesday that the president was talking about what we all see, and that it was clear what he was thinking in terms of the atrocities on the ground.

State Department spokesman Netflix said the department had not reported a genocide in Ukraine but was “assisting an international effort to document and gather allegations of atrocities to see if there are legal limits.” [of genocide] Is with. “

On Tuesday, Mr. பிடன் Told reporters, “I call it genocide because it is clear and obvious that Putin is trying to dispel the notion that he should be Ukrainian.” The president added that the final decision would be left to international lawyers.

Last month, Mr. Biden described Russian President Vladimir Putin as a “war criminal” and said he was subject to a legal process. Mr Biden “speaks from his heart,” Ms Zaki said. The State Department later said it believed Russian forces were involved in war crimes and was trying to gather evidence to support the allegations.

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