Russia-Ukraine direct announcements: The United States says Russia has lost 15-20% of its military power

The Russian Defense Ministry said it fired on a dry cargo ship, the Ukrainian Apache, which reportedly diverted and tried to break through the port of Mariupol, the ministry said.

Russia said the Ukrainian dry cargo ship did not respond to requests from Russian border guards to contact them through the international channel and continued in the direction of the port of Mariupol.

Russia said two border patrol vessels fired warning cannons at the ship’s tracks, but did not change or slow down the cargo ship’s trajectory.

The cargo ship sent a message via radio, “I’re a maniac, ‘coming for you,” and the signal spread to shore, according to Russia’s Defense Ministry.

Russia’s Defense Ministry says artillery fire on Apache dry cargo ship to intercept a Black Sea Navy ship.

The direct attack ignited the back of the ship, which then capsized. The group, which contacted border ships with a request to stop firing, said it was complying with Russian sailors’ demands, Russia said.

Russia said no crew was injured and the fire was put out by the ship’s crew.

Russia says the ship was inspected and taken to Yeysk port with its crew.

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