New satellite images show entire city blocks destroyed in central Mariupol

A screenshot of the video shows the extent of the devastation in Irfin, a northwestern suburb of Kiev. (Ukrainian Witness Project)

The full extent of the devastation in the city of Irfin can be seen in a new video provided to CNN by a Ukrainian NGO.

It comes after the Ukrainian The forces were pushed In the last 36 hours, Russian forces have left the city in the northwestern suburbs of Kiev.

Some context: CNN Geolocation has verified the authenticity of a video taken by a Ukrainian witness project describing the war in Ukraine. It was also one of the first videos taken in weeks from the eastern part of Irbine, where it could not be safely accessed due to heavy fighting.

On Monday, the mayor of Irfin said that Ukrainian troops had recaptured the area from Russian forces.

A barren land: The video, filmed on Tuesday, shows a tree-lined suburb resembling a disaster area.

The only thing heard in the video is the roar of the metal plate against the wind and metal passing through the remaining trees, except for the sluggish surge of a military attack in the distance.

Continuing shell attack: Russia Says it will reduce the army Operation near Kyiv, but CNN military strikes around the Ukrainian capital continued Tuesday evening and still show no signs of happening.

The video shows that while shootings, bombs and war left Irbine, much of the city was left to life.

Bodies on the streets: There are only public bodies on the streets, except for rubbish and buildings collapsing.

A man wearing a leather jacket, who was pulling a small cart when he was killed, is seen lying face down on the ground. Another accident in the backseat of the car in which the bullet was driven is shown on their backs.

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There are at least five bodies in the video. It is not known how or when they died.

The video shows them in the street, in the silence of the air, among the burnt buildings and split trees where they were beaten to death.

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