‘I think Sarah is not a person to be taken seriously these days’

In a way, this is the perfect stage for Sarah Palin’s comeback. Goes from “Masked singer”And tapping Customized videos on Cameo cost $ 199 a pop Trying house racing like this especially circus makes all the sense in the world. Beckish, who belongs to a major Republican party that has vacuumed the approval of Republicans in the state, comes from a very high profile. Democracy Families in Alaska. He is the grandson of the late Representative Nick Beckish Sr. and former sen. He is the nephew of Mark Beckish. All-party primary and rank-and-file voting will be used in the election, which will further complicate anyone’s commitment. Then there is Santa Claus.

“I do not know Do The name must be recognized, ”said Klaus, a monk Democratic Socialist and sits at the North Pole City Council, told me.

Jim Minnery, executive director of the Alaska Family Council, called it “a zoo where Santa Claus was thrown away.” David Bruce, who runs a radio show on Fairbanks and is running for mayor of the city, predicts it will be a “scene.”

“It’s a cluster,” said Max Sumner, a Wasilla homebuilder. “My contradictions have greatly diminished, I’m Sumner found. Tell me.” His brother, Madanuska-Sucitna Borough legislator Jesse Sumner, also filed, but later backed out, saying he was “really playing a naughty game” for the April Fools.

When I asked Jesse Sumner, a supporter of Peggy, about sex, he said, “Uhhhh.”

I waited.

“I mean, I don’t know of anyone who would be thrilled about that,” he said. “But, I mean, it’s happening.”

Since Paul’s announcement, anyone listening to politics in Alaska is listening. Last week, after Pauline announced his candidacy, Dan Fagen, presenter of the Conservative talk radio show in Angora, began his show with a laugh, “Everyone is heading back to Alaska.” On the one hand, he said Pauline “got a little bitter.” But there was a big hand.

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“A lot of people in Alaska say,‘ Oh my God, there will always be a lot of drama with her, and you know it’s her. Family in battle There’s a party in the front yard of a house, or, you know, there The son beats the father, Or I say there’s always something going on in the play, ”Fagan said in the air. “It’s like ay-ay-ay. We have to go back to this.”

He said, “We know [on] ‘Saturday Night Live,’ You’re going to have a Santa Claus discussion with Sarah Paul. It’s going to happen, it’s going to be fun.

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