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During an exhibition event in Washington on Wednesday night, President Biden canceled his face-to-face meetings with Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin on Thursday after the Prime Minister received a positive result in a corona virus test.

The two leaders met almost Thursday morning.

Ireland’s Ambassador to the United States Daniel Mulhall confirmed the positive test early Thursday, with Mr. He complicated the Prime Minister’s plans to spend the day with Biden.

The 79-year-old Mr. Mr. Biden, who has been vaccinated and encouraged, said at a morning meeting at the White House that Mr. Was scheduled to meet with Martin, followed by lunch at the Capitol and a Shamrock presentation at the White House. At lunch and in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day Mr. Officials said Biden would still attend. During their virtual morning meeting, Mr. Biden with the Shamrock bowl on a coffee table, Mr. Sat next to the TV monitor showing Martin. The president said he was “deeply sorry for the inconvenience” of the virtual design.

During the gala event on Wednesday, Mr. Mr. Biden. White House officials said they had no close contact with Martin, which defines disease control and prevention centers as being in someone’s river for at least 15 minutes.

The prime minister’s test comes amid a spate of epidemics among public officials in Washington in recent days. At least Nine Democrats in Congress tested positive After a party retreat this week and a vote last week. Douglas MhoffVice President Kamala Harris’ husband also tested positive this week Former President Barack Obama.

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White House officials have underestimated the number of recent cases, noting that the overall rate in Washington is still very low. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said on Monday that the United States was in a good position to fight Omicron subtype known as BA.2 Due to the number of people who have been vaccinated.

“It has been distributed in the United States for some time,” he said of the new variant. “Of course we’ll take care of it meticulously.”

Mr. Mulhal Said on Twitter At a ceremony for Irish funds in Washington, D.C. He accepted the Leadership Award for Martin on Wednesday, at which Mr. Biden and Speaker Nancy Pelosi attended.

“I filled him in after a positive test for Taoist # கோவிட் 19, ”He wrote, using the Irish word for country leader. “I wish Davoczek a speedy recovery.”

Ms. Pelosi, confirmed the Speaker’s Office. Who has been vaccinated And increased, tested negative on Thursday morning PCR test, and routine test and continued Follow the CDC guidelines.

During the art Mr. Mrs. photographed sitting next to Martin. Pelosi appeared at his weekly news conference on Thursday, saying he was tested almost every day. Mr. Martin continued to wear the mask until food was served, and he said his positive test was reported during the appetite lesson.

“On St. Patrick’s Day, we are very sorry that Davochech had this diagnosis,” he said. “We can not assume that his presence has the benefits of respect.”

Planned Lunch – Friends of Ireland Lunch at Capitol Hill – Mr. Continued on Thursday without Martin.

Mr. Irish journalists who traveled with Martin’s delegation reported that he had attended the opening of the gala, and photos of the event show him sitting next to Ms Pelosi.

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A spokesman for the Irish government said in a statement on Thursday that the prime minister had tested positive for the virus on Wednesday and Sunday before traveling to the United States.

The report said that a member of the Prime Minister’s delegation conducted his second test on Wednesday after receiving a positive result in the test.

Mr. Ask Mr. Martin if he has any symptoms. Mulhall did not elaborate.

In the pre-1952 tradition, Irish ambassadors or political leaders usually present the US President with a bowl of Shamrox at or around the White House on or around St. Patrick’s Day. Tradition is revered in Ireland and by many Irish Americans as a symbol of the close ties between the two countries.

Mr. Martin will no longer come to the Oval Office in this official capacity: his first scheduled visit was canceled last year due to the epidemic, and as part of a coalition agreement with two Irish political parties, he is expected to be handed over to the Prime Minister. Ministerial post by next March.

On Wednesday, Claire Cronin, the US ambassador to the Irish Council, said Twitter Because he tested positive for the corona virus, Mr. He canceled his plan to join Martin.

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