GameStop Stock Split: Shares are available at very affordable prices for meme stock lovers

The Memories of the Reddit meeting dear wants to start a Stock separationA move to drastically reduce the share price, the company said Thursday a Filed in Securities and Exchange Commission.

To do so, Gamestop will need to ask shareholders for approval at its upcoming annual meeting to increase the number of its Class A shares from 300 million to 1 billion.

If investors say yes, a stock will become much cheaper – because the total value of the company will remain the same. It is further divided into shares. Shares Stop the game (GME) Initially the news rallied but in Friday afternoon trading they fell 4%, reducing its first-day profit to 8%.
Stock splits are a popular move for some companies as stocks rise in price, and they make it easier for small investors to buy. Amazon (AMZN) And Google owner letters (Google)Whose shares are trading in four-digit digits, both recently Announced stock split plans. And Tesla (DSLA)Split its stake in August 2020 Considers another split Now its share has returned over $ 1,000.

GameStop is trading at around $ 160 a share. At current prices, GameStop would like to increase the number of its shares by 3.33, which is less than a third of an individual share price – or about $ 48.

The company is busy making moves that are meticulously monitored by investors. Gamestop Chairman Ryan Cohen, Co-Founder of Online Pets Supply Retailer Chew (All), Recently bought more shares. GameStop has also invested in NFTs and other cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives, and recently hired two former Amazon executives as its CEO and CEO.
And many others Memory shares The gamestop split was cut short on Friday despite the news. Shares Theater Chain AMC (AMC) About 5% lower in morning trade. So was the stock Highcraft MineA small gold and silver miner, who has since risen In which AMC bought shares.
Shares Bed bath & beyond (PPPY)Another retailer is it Cohen recently investedFell even slightly.
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