Direct Announcements: Russia Occupies Ukraine

A couple of Democrat lawmakers have called on US President Joe Biden to increase cyber security assistance to Ukraine and European allies following a hack that hacked the services of a leading Ukrainian Internet service provider last month.

In a letter to Biden on Tuesday, he shared with CNN that the Sen. from Massachusetts. Ed Margie and Rep. Both Bill Keating expressed concern that Russia could be whipped up by further cyber attacks on Ukraine or hacking to test NATO’s determination as a Russian military advance in Ukraine. Stalls.

Last week’s cyber attack on Ukrtelecom, which describes itself as Ukraine’s largest “fixed-line” Internet and telephone provider, reportedly cut the telecommunications operator’s connection to 13% in its pre-war levels.

Lawmakers, both members of the respective chambers’ foreign affairs committees, want the newly created Internet Security Bureau in the State Department to strengthen US cooperation with Ukraine and European allies on cyber security issues and to counter Russian hacking threats.

A spokesman for Marquez’s office called the $ 37 million White House’s $ 37 million request to Congress to run the bureau in fiscal 2023 a “strong starting point,” but said it was “imperative” for the State Department to coordinate with government agencies such as the U.S. Cyber ​​Command. And the Department of Homeland Security has long provided cyber security assistance to Ukraine.

CNN has approached the White House for comment.

Separately from the new bureau, the State Department has in recent years monitored millions of dollars in aid to Kiev to upgrade its networks. The head of the U.S. cyber command said on Tuesday that the hacking unit of the military had sent a team of cyber experts to Ukraine late last year to help protect Ukrainian infrastructure.

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More about hacks: Despite the series of hacking incidents involving Russia against Ukrainian organizations since the start of the war, there have been no destructive hacks against the infrastructure that some analysts fear.

An exception was a cyber attack at the start of the war that disabled Internet service for tens of thousands of satellite modems in Ukraine and elsewhere in Europe. CNN previously reported that US officials were investigating the incident as a Russian hack provided by the government.

On March 21, Biden warned U.S. business executives that “Russia’s level of Internet capability is very effective and is coming.” So far, no hacks have been leaked to US companies that have publicly told the Russian government. But U.S. officials continue to prepare. Possibility.

Margie and Keating asked Biden to “immediately” nominate a senior ambassador to lead the State Department’s new Internet Security Bureau. (Secretary of State Anthony Blingen told Foreign Office staff on Monday that Biden would nominate someone “for the role” very soon.)

Democrat lawmakers want to know what lessons the Biden administration has learned from Russian hacking in Ukraine in recent weeks.

“How does management coordinate US government agencies to use these lessons to maximize the potential vulnerabilities of the United States and the vulnerabilities of our allies and partners?” Margie and Keating wrote a letter to Fiden on April 29 asking for answers.

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