Biden’s speech today: President wants Russia to be expelled from G20, wants to see refugees in Poland

Joe Biden talks about the ‘New World Order’ at the Business Roundtable

President Joe Biden wants to remove Russia from the G20, but insisted that Ukraine’s participation as an observer would be an alternative.

Mr Biden was speaking at a press conference at NATO headquarters following meetings with both Coalition and G7 leaders on the extraordinary day of the summit in Brussels on the invasion of Ukraine.

The president also warned China not to help Russia or endanger its economy; The appropriate response would be to the use of chemical weapons; He is also scheduled to meet with refugees on the Polish border tomorrow.

Mr Biden is now meeting with the Council of Europe on a day centered on the unity of allied nations.

Thursday’s meetings are to coordinate with NATO allies on military aid to Ukraine, new sanctions on Russia and increased security in Eastern Europe. The United States has now officially accused Russian forces of committing war crimes in Ukraine.

The United States has announced it will welcome 100,000 refugees displaced by the Russian invasion – one of the largest refugees in the country in years.

Domestically, a recent poll shows that the majority of Americans want the president to take a tough stance on Russia, while his approval rating has remained unchanged since the start of the conflict in Europe.


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U.S. military leaders have tried to summon Russian allies, but no one has responded

Contact lines above US Department of Defense The officers and their Russian counterparts went dark Russia Began its unprovoked invasion Ukraine Last month, the world’s two nuclear powers were in danger.

U.S. military leaders have tried to summon Russian allies, but no one has responded

Communications between top US defense officials and their Russian counterparts have been darkened since Russia launched its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine last month, with both world nuclear powers at risk of misinterpreting each other’s troop movements and causing catastrophic consequences.

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Biden says he told Shiite that helping Russia would put China in “significant danger.”

U.S. President Joe Biden says he has warned Chinese President Xi Jinping that any action taken to help Russia invade Ukraine without provocation would put him and his country in “significant danger.”

Speaking from NATO headquarters in Brussels, Mr Biden said he did not threaten Mr Ji, but “[made] It is certain that he understood the consequences of helping Russia.

“I made no threat, but I pointed out the number of American and foreign companies [that] They left Russia as a result of their barbaric behavior, ”he said.

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The final question is about the effectiveness of sanctions.

“Obstacles will never stop,” the president says, while “maintaining sanctions” and “increasing pain” could change Putin’s path.

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Biden asked about the 2024 election

“I would be very lucky if the same person ran against me in the next election,” President Biden says of former President Trump.

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Asked if he would meet refugees while in Poland, he says he should not be told where he was going.

“I try to see those people, as well as I believe …” he said. He stopped himself before revealing his goal. “I hope I see a lot of people.”

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Should Russia be expelled from the G20?

“My answer is yes” Russia should be removed from the G20, Biden says, but all G20 members must decide. He says that if the others in the G20 do not agree, Ukraine will be able to attend and observe the G20.

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Biden says food shortages will be “real” as a result of Western sanctions on Russia and Ukraine.

He talked about the US and Canada coming forward to make up for the wheat shortage and discussed ending restrictions on food exports with Europeans.

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Biden asked about his conversation with Xi Jinping of China.

He says he made no threats, but he made it clear to him that aid to Russia would have consequences, and that he would put his economy at risk.

“China understands that its economic future is more tied to the West than to Russia.”

Oliver O’Connell24 March 2022 17:40

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