Biden rallies support from Warsaw to Ukraine: ‘We stand with you’

Warsaw, Poland – President Joe Biden Built War in Ukraine He sought to mobilize world support as a generational war in the struggle for democracy.

“The world’s democracies are being revived,” Biden said of the global reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Speaking before a crowd from a former palace in Warsaw Ukrainian refugees, Biden detonated Russian President Vladimir Putin and called on the Russian people to choose a different path to their own country. He urged Europe to end its reliance on Russian gas and unite behind the pressure campaign against Putin.

“It will not be easy, there will be costs,” the president said, as the crowd waved American, Ukrainian and Polish flags. “But this is the price we have to pay. Because the darkness that drives dictatorship does not ultimately apply to the flame of freedom that shines in the souls of free people everywhere.”

President Joe Biden addresses the Royal Castle in Warsaw, Poland on Saturday.Evan Wucy / AB

He said of Ukraine, “We stand with you.

Biden attacked Putin for repeatedly saying he had no intention of entering Ukraine before the invasion, and for his brutality since the start of the military offensive. Minutes before Biden spoke, the Ukrainian city of Elviv was a safe haven within the country, hit by at least three missile strikes.

“For God’s sake, this man cannot be in power,” Biden said of Putin.

A White House official later said that the president had not called for Putin’s removal. “It is the president’s opinion that Putin should not be allowed to wield power over his neighbors or the region,” the official said. “He did not discuss Putin’s rule or regime change in Russia.”

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But Biden also painted a hopeful picture – that freedom exists more than dictatorship and that unity among Western allies has never been stronger.

“A dictator who seeks to rebuild an empire can never destroy the love of the people for freedom. Brutality will never grind the will to be free. Ukraine will never succeed for Russia. Free people refuse to live in a world of hopelessness, darkness,” Biden said.

Biden made numerous references to famous historical Polish figures such as Pope John Paul II and former President Lek Walasa, and noted the wars he had fought for many years for Polish independence.

This is news, as Polish people filled the streets outside the arena to hear Biden’s comments – finding themselves at the forefront of the refugee crisis and increasingly fearing that they might be Russia’s next target.

“At this time, let the words of Pope John Paul be burning bright today. Never give up hope, never doubt, never tire, never tire. Do not be afraid,” Biden said.

Biden also had a message for the Russian people, warning that Putin’s actions would cut them off from the world and “take Russia back to the 19th century.”

“This is not you, this is not the future you deserve for your families and your children,” Biden said. “This war is not worthy of you, the Russian people. Putin can, and must end this war.”

Prior to the speech, Biden met with Ukrainian refugees and aid workers at a stadium where rock concerts and football matches were once held. It now provides temporary shelter for refugees and enables them to register for school and work.

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At the ground, a group of refugee women and children told him about their experiences around Pitani, asked him to pray for their male relatives in Ukraine, and thanked the United States for their support. Biden hugged a woman with tears in his eyes and took a photo of a little girl in a pink winter dress with her. The girl’s mother told Biden that her daughter and infant were staying in a basement before moving to Poland.

“I’m always amazed at the depth and strength of the human sprint, I’m telling the truth,” Biden said after meeting the refugees. “They’m a wonderful group of people.”

When asked by a journalist about reports of a change in Russian strategy, Biden made a skeptical note. “I’m not sure,” he said. A Russian general said on Friday that troops were withdrawing from their nationwide offensive in Ukraine and were focusing on the “complete liberation” of the country’s separatist Donbass region.

Biden asked what he thought of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine, and was blunt. “He’s a butcher,” Biden said.

The refugee crisis in Poland has been going on for two days. When Biden’s motorcade left for a meeting with the Polish president on Saturday, it passed the Warsaw railway station, where a group of permanent refugees lined up for basic items such as food and toilet paper, asking for help with housing and transportation.

While welcoming Polish refugees with both hands, signs of support for Ukraine have enveloped the city, while Polish officials, including the mayor of Warsaw, who met in Pittsburgh on Saturday, said they were being pushed to the brink of further assistance. More than 2 million refugees have flooded the country in recent weeks.

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“We recognize that Poland accepts a significant responsibility and I do not think it should be Poland,” Biden told President Andrzej Duda during a meeting on Saturday. “It must be the whole world. It is the responsibility of all nations.”

Biden assured Duda that if Russia invaded Poland, the United States would come to its defense as part of its commitment under the NATO alliance.

Biden’s speech was in Europe for three days, where he conducted some Very effective meetings His presidency with world leaders seeks to consolidate their solidarity behind the ongoing pressure campaign against Russia.

The White House said it hoped Biden’s speech would help rally support for the Ukrainian people, hold Russia accountable and shape the conflict into a major war for democracy.

The United States this week announced a series of measures to increase pressure on Russia and to assist Ukraine, including additional sanctions on more than 400 Russians and Russian companies, $ 1 billion in humanitarian aid, plans to repatriate 100,000 Ukrainian refugees and a mission. Russia needs to reduce European dependence on natural gas.

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