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Wayne Season 2: Everything You Need To Know

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In 2019, Youtube tried something different and started creating original content. Even though their plan was short-lived, they churned out some pretty solid shows. Youtube decided to end their original intention which led to the cancellation of their shows. Many were devastated to see shows like Cobra Kai and Wayne ending at such short notice. Cobra Kai still found a new home on Netflix followed by Wayne which was added to Amazon Prime Video. This has led to many speculating that even though the show was canceled on August 16, 2019, there is hope for Wayne Season 2.

Wayne Season 2
Source: nk!Geek

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Wayne is an action-comedy revolving around the titular Wayne. When everything in his life goes downhill, he sets out on a dirt bike with his new crush Del to take back his father’s stolen car. It is a crime how underrated the show is. Upon release, the show received huge acclaim with a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It gathered quite a fanbase when unsuspecting users gave the show a watch and realized how awesome it was. The show has garnered a cult following who are desperate for Wayne Season 2. The first episode of the show amassed more than 27 million views.

So is Wayne Season 2 happening? Keep reading to find out.

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Also a friendly reminder. Spoilers ahead!

Wayne Season 2: Release Date

Deadline reported on August 16, 2019, that many Youtube Premium shows including Wayne are now looking for new homes after Youtube Premium decided to step back on original scripted programming.

This devastated a huge number of fans as they know how special Wayne is.

Then on September 30, something amazing happened! Creator Shawn Simmons also took to Twitter and announced the show’s new home in Amazon Prime Video. He also said that if the show gathers enough momentum, Wayne Season 2 is going to happen.

“WAYNE Season One is coming to AMAZON PRIME Fall 2020 and if you guys watch it enough we can make a season 2,” tweeted Simmons.

Amazon Prime Video officially announced that Wayne is coming to their streaming platform with a trailer for the firsts season. The trailer came out on October 26.


In an interview with Inverse, the creator Shawn Simmons said that he is already ready with the story and that the Amazon pick-up is just the beginning.

The first season of Wayne is out now on Amazon Prime Video. In case, you haven’t seen it, please do yourself a favor and watch it. And if you already have, PLEASE GO DO IT AGAIN! Do it for Wayne Season 2!

Who will be back?

One thing about Wayne is its cast of colorful, vibrant characters. From the titular Wayne played by Mark McKenna to Sergeant Geller played by Stephen Kearin, everyone is so fun to watch!

Wayne Season 2
(Ciara Bravo as Del and Mark McKenna as Wayne in Wayne) Source: Digital Spy

The show’s two leads, Wayne (McKenna) and Del (Ciara Bravo) display some of the best chemistry in a TV series. They are chaotic, ruthless, vulgar even, yet one of the sweetest teen couple in any show right now.

Wayne Season 2
(Jon and Jamie Champagne as Carl and Teddy in Wayne) Source: Twitter

But the leads are not just the best part of the show. Twins Jon and Jamie Champagne who plays Del’s older twin brothers are a pair of delight. What seems like just two dumb brothers at the beginning later steal the show with their laughable antics and surprisingly heartfelt performances.

Wayne Season 2
(Francesco Antonio as Reggie in Wayne) Source: Wherever I Look

Speaking of laughable, another scene-stealer is Francesco Antonio. He plays Wayne’s wannabe-gangsta stepbrother Reggie. And every time Reggie appears on the screen, it’s just a delight.

Wayne Season 2
(Dean Winters as Del’s father, Bobby in Wayne) Source: Decider

The show also stars many veteran comedians. Dean Winters aka The Vulture from Brooklyn Nine-Nine appears as Del’s father and gives another great performance. His depth in the role is explored throughout Season 1 and surprised many viewers.

The rest of the cast includes:

  • Stephen Kearin – Sgt. Stephen Geller
  • Mike O’Malley – Principal Tom Cole
  • Michaela Watkins – Maureen
  • Joshua J. Williams – Orlando
  • Kirk Ward – Calvin Clay
  • James Earl – Officer Jay

Wayne Season 2: Potential Plot

Looking at how the first season ended, it was clear the creators were looking forward to coming back. Season 1 left a lot to interpretations and after its supposed cancellation, many were disappointed to never find out where the story would proceed.

At the end of the first season, we see Wayne and Del fight off Reggie and finally escaping in Wayne’s father’s 1979 Pontiac Trans Am, the car that led to everything. As they drive off from the police station, another car crashes into them. We find out that it’s Del’s father and brothers who take away Del. Del’s father also cuts off Wayne’s nose as revenge for Wayne biting off his nose. They leave Wayne to die there but he is picked up by an ambulance later on. In the end, we see him getting arrested but still holding on to Del’s necklace.

We also see Sgt. Geller discovering Reggie at the police station. The station in itself is a mess. A beaten-up Reggie picks up his golden grills that were knocked out by Wayne. To this, Geller just speaks, “Unbelievable!”

There is also another moment when we see Principal Cole having a close moment with Wayne’s mother. Is something going to happen between these two?

It will be interesting to see what would happen if the show goes forward. Would Wayne get back with Del again? Would he get back with his father’s Pontiac again? Del’s way has his fathers and brothers as obstacles while the Pontiac has Reggie in the way. It would be interesting to see how the story would continue if Wayne Season 2 is greenlit.

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