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Apple Intercom Feature: Details On All Your “How” Questions.

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The Apple intercom feature is the latest addition from the Apple company. Apple users are glad to have this feature finally. Apple has also launched its latest models of iPhones. These include iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The company has been digging some new holes in terms of sustainability, as well. Now, the latest addition of the intercom feature is just icing on top of it all. What is an intercom? Intercom is a device which lets you talk one on one. This is typically installed on home entrances to talk to the outsider from the safety of your home. How is this feature applicable? How can I use it? Keep reading the article, because we have answered all your how’s here.

The Apple intercom feature guide
The linkable devices

What is the Apple intercom feature?

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As stated earlier, it a mode to communicate with people outside of your homes. That is how you will use the application inherently. The feature can be tapped using Apple devices like the new HomePod, HomePod mini, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and CarPlay. The feature will let you talk to someone standing outside of your home, within rooms, within certain areas, and people. You can simply deliver a voice message and the devices listed will do the work.

You can use the Apple intercom feature if you have installed HomePod 14.1 updates. Plus, you can carry on the device and attach it with your iPhone and iPad. However, it is mandatory that they also have the latest updates installed. On Apple Watch, HomePod will work with watchOS 7.1 and later. It is crucial to have the devices updated to the latest software available.

How to set up Intercom?

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The first question after updating everything arises is how to set the Apple intercom feature. Follow the given steps to set it up:

  1. Once installing the latest software, you have to open the Home app.
  2. Find the little house icon in the upper left corner and click it.
  3. Click the home settings option. Scroll down to “Intercom” and then click it.
  4. Adjust your notification settings and select the people in the home.

The Apple intercom feature guide
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How can you send a message from HomePod to another device?

The key to manoeuver your way through the Apple intercom feature is to activate the settings on Siri. After that, you are good to go. Answering this question, simply Siri and put the word “intercom” in your message. The wavelengths will appear indicating that your message is recorded. Once done, it will go to the people connected.

The Apple intercom feature guide
Using intercom within rooms

How to send the message through the Apple intercom feature to a specific room?

Say “Hey Siri, intercom kitchen, I am ready.” That is it. You have to mention the room. However, this will only happen if you have assigned HomePod to the room. To do this, go to HomePod or HomePod mini from the device list. After long pressing HomePod, tap on the gear icon at the bottom and scroll to find “Room”. Then you can select the rooms, and next time you say that room’s name, the Apple intercom feature will do its job.

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